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Watthour Meter-Apartments.
Landlords, Property Managers.
Tenant electric utility issues go away.
Digi-Watt KWH meters are designed for economical cost division of tenant
utility expense. Digi Watts are complete, packaged for easy install.
Nothing else to buy. 
Watthour meters record electrical consumption for all renters, tenants,
long term or transient. KWh consumption is easily counted and recorded. The
numbers advance as electricity is used.  Each meter is supplied with lockable
enclosure, suitable for luggage type locks.
Digi-Watt Watthour Meters.
Work like the odometer in your car, numbers advance when power is used.
Simple. Non- resetable counter like the utility meters. Easy installation with
detailed instruction.
Install Instructions     Wiring Diagrams Hookups    Warranty and Specifications
Clear Door
 Solid Door
Residential KWH Counters.
Watthour Meter-Single Phase.
120 Volt Line to Neutral Two Wire,1 Hot, 1 Neutral
Choose Enclosure style: Indoor or Outdoor and CT style.
200 Amp Solid core CT with 0.9" window.
A3111-16-F Indoor Clear door $251.00
A3111-16-G Outdoor Solid door $255.00
100 Amp Split Core Transformer with 0.7" Window
A3111/1-16-F Indoor Clear door $267.00
A3111/1-16-G Outdoor Solid door $270.00
Watthour Meter-Single Phase 3 wire-Most Residences.
120V to Neutral 240V Line to Line.
Choose Enclosure and CT type:
200 Amp Solid core CT with 0.9" window.
A3111-26-F Indoor Clear Door $265.00
A3111-26-G Outdoor Solid Door $268.00
100 amp Split Core Transformer with 0.7" Window
A3111/1-26-F Indoor Clear Door $298.00
A3111/1-26-G Outdoor Solid Door $301.00