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Energy Meter for KWH Measurement.
Provides cost allocation information for any area of consumption.
Everything is included. One meter- all circuits Ready to mount, wire, and start counting. Field set-up and configuration software included.
All Can Do packages Include: Watthour meter, Ct's and pre-cut 6xx6x4" enclosure. All the Watthour meters have "on board meter memory". In case of power failure, restores itself. Requires  80-270VAC power to operate. Field programmable for any circuit, Wye, Delta, Single phase, 3 phase, high leg delta. You can't order an incorrect Watthour meter, Installs in about 40 -60 minutes. Includes solid core CT's with 1" window, up to 400 amps. The meter is UL Registered and Listed.
Can Do Model CDKL-2
Watthour Meter designed for most residences in the USA. Any Delta system where no neutral is present.   Choose 2 CT's from the list below up to 400 Amps with a 1" window.
$315.00 Complete.
Can Do Model #CDKL-3
Watthour meter, Poly style enclosure with gasketed, lockable, front door. 6x6x4.5". 3 Line display and easy field setup,  lock out front buttons and security code. Ready to mount on existing gear. Includes 3 solid core CT's up to 400 Amps with a 1" window.
345.00. Complete.
Optional Transformers 
Digi Watt Watthour Metering Packages order by circuit type.
Simple watthour meter with electro mechanical display.
Complete with 100 amp, optional 200 amp CT's. Order for specific voltage and amperage. Wye, Delta and High or stinger leg KWH meters available. Not UL rated, not resetable.
Watthour Meter- Model No.4111
3 phase 4 wire 120Volts  Neutral, 208/240V Line to Line
1ea. meter electronics module,
1ea. mechanical display counter  
3ea.100 Amp CT* w/1" window
NEMA#4 Splash proof enclosure. $290.00
Splash Proof
Clear Lock Door
Watthour Meter Model No.3310.
Same as Jamaica. Different Voltage
3 phase 4 wire Wye System 277/480
1ea. meter electronics module,
1ea. mechanical display counter
3ea.100 amp CT's* w/1" window
NEMA#4 Splash proof enclosure $360.00
* 200 amp CT's available  $5.00 additional per CT.
Industrial Watthour Meters for Delta and Hi leg systems.
Watthour Meter Model 2011D
Delta 3 Phase 3 wire
208-240 volts L-L. No Neutral.
1ea. meter electronics module
1ea. electro mechanical display
2ea. current transformers
Balanced load system
Complete NEMA#4  $330.00
Watthour Meter  Model 5111D
Delta 3 phase 4 wire 120/120/208 Wild Leg or Stringer leg.
Electrical systems provides 208-240 Volt leg to leg, 110-120V Leg to neutral for two of the legs and 208-240 volts between the wild or straight leg and neutral. It's a standard 3 phase meter except the third phase has been modified to accept a voltage in the 200-250V  range. 
1ea.Watt module, 1ea.counter display and 3ea. current transformers and  NEM enclosure. Complete $340.00                 










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