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Panel Meter. 3.5 Digit Economical Digital Meters.
Utility meter series representing the best in digital measuring of
a parameter. large assortment of options.15 Dedicated meters Accurate +/- .05%
3.5 Digit Red LED display in a 96mm x 48mm case,120/240VAC standard power.
AC Current Meter (Averaging only) Data Sheet
UM-35ACI1  Input 0-1 amp, AC Supply  $99.00
UM-35ACI5  Input0- 5 amp  AC Supply  $99.00   
AC Current, CT input averaging specify 1 or 5 amps     
AC Volt Meter   Data Sheet
UM-35ACV 3.5 digit AC Volt Red Display AC Supply  $ 89.00 
UM-40ACV 4.0 digit AC Volt Red Display AC Supply  $109.00
Measures live voltage to 700VAC  L-L and L-N systems
AC Frequency Meter  UM-35HZ Data
UM-35Hz AC Supply  Scaled 0-199.9                  $115.00
Rabge 40-199.9Hz.input ACV 80-700VAC.
Standard Power Supply110-240VAC 50-60Hz.
DC Current Meters   Data Sheet
UM-35MV Shunt input, AC supply Scaled 0-1000 $85.00
DC Current from 50 and 100mV shunts. Two header Scalable
0-Full scale. +/-0.05% Standard Power Supply110-240VAC.
DC Volt Meter          Data Sheet
UM-35 3.5digit DCV input, AC supply  Scalable   $75.00
Two header selectable ranges 2/20V(default) and 2/200V.
Current Loop Meter
UM-35CL  4-20mA input AC supply    $85.00
Data Sheet
UM-35CLE 4-20mA input AC supply w/24V Ex. $105.00
Data Sheet
Temperature Meters
3 wire Pt.100  RTD type Input
UM-35RTD +/-199.9 C or F scaled 0-1999  $115.00
UM-35RTD -190 to +800C   scaled 0-1999  $115.00
UM-35RTD -199 to +1470F  scaled 0-1999  $115.00
J-K Thermocouple type Input
UM-35J 0 -760C or 1400F  AC supply    115.00
UM-35K 0-1260C or 1999F AC supply    115.00
See temperature section for Temperature Sensor choices
UM Options:
Isolated power supply 9-36VDC/12-24VAC   $35.00
UM-35-Bright Red Display           $20.00
UM-35-Green LED Display           $10.00