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SD-50X, Loop Powered Panel Meter.
The SD-50X is a 4-20MA Loop Powered meter, 5 digits with 0.5"LCD in a 18 DIN ultra short depth case
incredibly easy to scale, from the front panel to any desired engineering unit of measurement.
Texmate Model SD-60X
The SD-50X is the ultimate advancement in ease of use from  the
company that developed the worlds first 4-20 mA loop powered meters.
The SD-50X features lockable front panel scaling and calibration.
Any 4 to 20 mA signal can be scaled from almost any two input values to
display any required engineering unit of measure. A 4-20 mA input can
display 50,000 counts of resolution from -19,999 to +30,000. The 6 digit
can be selected to display F, C or an inactive extra zero from a dip switch
at the rear of the case. With less than a 4 V loop drop, this meter can be
inserted in the 24 V input loop excitation provided by our Lynx, Leopard and
Tiger meter families. The optional 4-20 mA outputs from these meters can
power several SD-50X units as remote displays. Two SD-50X meters can be
mounted in a 96x96 DIN cutout and powered from the same loop, but display
different scale readings such as F and C, lbs and kg or psi and Torr.
Easy scaling and high resolution also enables the SD-50X to be used as a
precision counting scale, for nuts and bolts, barrels or boxes.
SD50X   $150.00    SD60X Data sheet
The SD-50X makes an ideal extra or remote display, it can operate either in conjunction  with the
4-20 mA loop input or operate from the 4-20 mA analog output of most Leopard or Tiger  meters.
The SD-50X has a matching DIN case style and panel appearance that is complementary to the Lynx, Leopard
and Tiger family of meters, except the depth behind the panel is only 15 mm (0.59).
Input Configuration: ....Series connection to 4-20 mA DC current loop. 3.4 volts drop, plus 20 .
(equivalent to 3.9 V @ 20 mA)
Full Scale Ranges: Standard meter is adjustable to any Display Span between a max negative reading of
-19,999 and a max positive reading of 30,000, max resolution (50,000 counts), from any signal input span
between 3.5 mA and 27.5 mA. A/D Converter: .....16 Bit Sigma Delta