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Texmate Digital Panel Meters.
Digital Panel Meters 3.5 -6 digits, any electrical application.
Over 100 modular signal conditioners and macro capable with RS485 communication.
Texmate digital panel meters have a wide variety of case sizes any parameter can be
measured, displayed and relay controlled.
Model Series             Description
AM Series 20 Segment Bar Graph
BL Meter Relays Frequency RPM Meter Relay
BN Series BCD Out, 5V DC Powered DCV, Current Loop
BX Meters AC-DC-V, I,-Freq.-Temperature -Pressure
CM Series    Loop Powered Meters
DI50E-DI60E Programmable Controllers, multiple displays.
DI50T-DI60T Macro communication for command control.
DL-40H Temp. Temperature Measurement and Control.
DL-40PSF Smart Meter Relay
DU Series Utility Amps Volts Freq.
DVM-5 Mini Measures DC signals, Current Loop-RTD
DX Meters AC-DC-Current Loop-Process-Temp., Pressure
FL-B101D40 Smart 4 Digit -101 Segment Bargraphs
FI-B101D50E Smart Bargraphs-5 Digit Display
FI-B101D50T Smarter Bargraphs w/ Macro sequencing
LT-PC   Event Counter, Tachometers, Line speed
MU Series  DC Volt Meter in a 1/32DIN Case
GI50E +B101 Giant Display 0.08" All Parameters
PM Serirs Measures DC signals 5VDC and 120VAC, BCD Outs
RP Series Line powered Single ended & differential inputs
SB-B31 Loop Powered 31 Segment LED Bargraph
SD-50X - Loop Loop Powered Meters
SM Series DC Volt 5 VDC Powered LED Display
SP-35X Series Signal Powered DCV with LCD Display
TM Series Temperature J, K, RTD Input
UM Series
 Low Cost Utility AC-DC Amps Volts Freq.