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Panel Meter-DL-40, DL-40F, DL-40RPM Digital Meter Relay.
Meter Relays Designed to cover all your application needs.
The Quickest Setup you will find in a Panel Meter Built-in Excitation to power your sensors.
Accepts Process, AC, DC, Temperature, Pulse and Frequency Inputs Select up to 4 Relay Outputs
Step-by-step Prompts makes configuration a breeze Field Scaleable Analog Output without
Recalibration Uniform Configuration throughoutthe range.  Ideal for Alarm, Process Control,
Signal Conditioning and Transducer Applications.
Texmate Model  DL-40
DL-40             Data Sheet
The DL Series has several options that may be selected
from the list below . 1/8DIN Case (48x96mm) polycarbonate
case.  Auto ranging AC/DC power supply as and RED .056"
LED standard.  Build the part number using the list below.  
DL-40 Base is $130.00
DL-40F           Data Sheet
Frequency input. Easy user scaled to 9999Hz.
DL40RPM        Data Sheet
This meter specifically designed for measuring RPM,
line speed, with a variety of inputs.
Display Options:
DG Green LED, 0.56 inch high$ 10 (USD)
DR Red LED, 0.56 inch high $ 0 (USD)
DB Super–bright Red LED, 0.56 inch high $ 25 (USD)
Power Supplies:
PS2 15-48VAC/10-72VDC$ 35 (USD)
PS1 85-265VAC/95-370VDC $ 0 (USD)
Input Modules:
AC Volts/Amps:
IA01  AC-Volts Scaled RMS, 200/600V AC $35 (USD)
IA02  AC-Volts Scaled RMS, 200mV/2V/20V AC  $35 (USD)
IA03  AC-mA Scaled RMS, 2/20/200mA AC  $ 40 (USD)
IA04 AC-Amps Scaled RMS, 0-1 Amp AC (0-100.00) $ 40 (USD)
IA05 AC-Amps Scaled RMS, 0-5 Amp AC (0-100.00) $ 40 (USD)
IA06 AC-Volts True RMS, 200/600V AC  $ 55 (USD)
IA07 AC-Volts True RMS, 200mV/2V/20V AC  $ 55 (USD)
IA08 AC-mA True RMS, 2/20/200mA AC  $ 55 (USD)
IA09 AC-Amps True RMS, 0-1 Amp AC (0-100.00)  $ 55 (USD)
IA10 AC-Millivolt, Scaled RMS, 100mV AC  $ 55 (USD)
IA11 AC-Amps True RMS, 0-5 Amp AC (0-100.00)  $ 55 (USD)
IA12 AC-Millivolt, True RMS, 100mV AC  $ 55 (USD)
DC Volts/Amps:
ID01 DC-Volts, 2/20/200V/Custom w/24V DC Exc  $ 25 (USD) 
ID02 DC-Millivolt, 20/50/100/200mV DC w/24V DC Exc  $ 35 (USD)
ID03 DC-Milliamp, 2/20/200mA DC w/24V DC Exc  $ 25 (USD)
ID04 DC-Amps, 5A DC  $ 50 (USD)
ID05 DC-Volts 2/20/200/Custom V DC w/Offset and 24V Exc.  $ 45
ID09 DC-Amps, 1A DC  $ 50 (USD)
IF02 Line Frequency, 50-500VAC, 199.9Hz, or optional 400Hz  $ 45
IR02 3 wire Potentiometer 1KΩ min (0-100.00)  $ 40 (USD)
Single (specify external excitation voltage and number of wires)
IS01 Strain Gage 5/10VDC Exc., 20/2mV/V, 4/6-wire$ 55 (USD)
IS02 Pressure 5/10VDC Exc., 20/2mV/V, 4- or 6-wire  $ 55 (USD)
IS04 Pressure Load cell w/Ext Exc., 20/2mV/V, 4- or 6–wire  $ 45 (USD)
IS05 Pressure Load Cell with 20/2mV/V, 5/10V Excitation $55.00
IS06 Pressure Load Cell External Excitation 20/2mV/V, 4 wire $55.00
IS07 Pressure Load Cell 20/2mV/V with High Impedance +External Exc. $65
IP01 Process Loop, 4-20mA (0-100.00) $ 35 (USD)
IP02 Process Loop, 4-20mA(0-100.00) w/24VDC Exc  $ 45 (USD)
IP03 Process Input, 1-5V DC(0-100.0) w/Offset, 24V Exc  $ 45 (USD)
IP07 Universal Process 2V/5V/10V/20V/200V/2mA/20mA/Custom  $ 30 (USD)
IPT1 Prototype Board for Custom Design  $ 15 (USD)
IT03 RTD, 100Ω Pt. 2-, 3-, or 4-wire (-200 to 800°C)  $ 40 (USD
IT04 RTD, 100Ω Pt. 2-, 3-, or 4-wire (-200 to 1470°F)  $ 40 (USD)
IT05 RTD, 100Ω Pt. 2-, 3-, or 4-wire (-199.0 to 199.0°F)  $ 40 (USD
IT06 Thermocouple, J Type (0-1400 °F)  $ 40 (USD)
IT07 Thermocouple, K Type (0-1999°F)  $ 40 (USD)
IT08 Thermocouple, J Type (0-760 °C)  $ 40 (USD)
IT09 Thermocouple, K Type (0-1260°C)  $ 40 (USD)
IT14 RTD, 100Ω Pt. 2-, 3-, or 4-wire (-199.0 to 199.0°C)  $ 40 (USD)
Analog Output
AIC Isolated 16 Bit Current Output, 4-20mA (Leopard Series)  $ 35 (USD)
AIV   Isolated 16 Bit Voltage Output, 0-10VDC  $ 35 (USD)
Relay Modules:
R4 Four 5A Form A Relays - Factory Installed  $ 95 (USD)
R16 One 10A Form C & One 5A Form A Relays - Factory Installed  $ 60
R15 One 10A Form C & Two 5A Form A Relays - Factory Installed  $ 80
R11 One 10A Form C Relay - Factory Installed  $ 35 (USD)
R1 One 5A Form A Relay  $ 30 (USD)
R3 Three 5A Form A Relays - Factory Installed   $ 75 (USD)
R13 Two 10A Form C & One 5A Form A Relays - Factory Installed  $ 90
R14 Two 10A Form C & Two 5A Form A Relays - Factory Installed  $ 110
R12 Two 10A Form C Relays - Factory Installed   $ 65 (USD)
R2 Two 5A Form A Relays - Factory Installed  $ 55 (USD)