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Sifam Tinsley Meters, Transducers, Relays. Transformers.
Fast Delivery. Most items ship in 1-2 days.
Products  consist of high quality electrical measuring instruments,
UL complying plus international standards.
AC Panel Meters-Digital
Alpa Series DIN Style Meters   DIN style Power Measurement
Multi Phase meters. All UL.
Features on board Limit switches (Relays)
for system controls RS485 Communications
Replaces several meters including
INT-2000,  INT-244-Series Meter.
Alpha Series Meter Details
Alpha + ANSI Style Meters ANSI Style Switchboard Meters
3 Line 4 Digit Single phase 3P3W, 3P4W.
Modbus Communication RS485 port
Relay Limit Switch.
No Panel Rework.
Alpha A+ Meter Details.
Beta Meters 48x96mm Beta Series Meters.
3 Phase or Single Phase
Single Parameter, Single Line Display.
Beta Meter Details
Beta Meter 96mm Beta Series Meters.
Single Parameter,  Single Line Display.
Single and 3 Phase Circuits.
Beta Meter Details

Elapse Timers
Elapse Timer Elapse Timer
7 digit, resolution to 0.001 seconds.
DIN 72mm
DIN 96mm.
Input to 480VAC L-N  
Elapse Timer Details
Process Meters-Digital
Theta 10 Transducer Theta 10A Current Transducer.
Easy Hook ups.
Single Phase.
Single Output.
Theta 10A Current Transducer 
Theta 10 Voltage Transducer Theta 10V  Voltage Transducer.
Simple Hook ups
Single Phase. 
Single Output.
Theta 10V Voltage Transducer 
Theta 20 Current Transducer with Display
Theta 20A Current Transducer.
Single Phase
2 Line Display,
2 Field Selectable Outputs.
RS485 Communication Port.
Theta 20A Current Transducer
Theta 20 Transducer with Display
Theta 20V Voltage Transducer
Single Phase
2 Line Display.
2 Field Selectable Outputs
RS485 Port Communication Port

Theta 20V Voltage Transducer
Theta 30 Watt Transducer Theta 30P Watt Transducer-Active Power.
Power Transducer 3 Phase, 3 and 4 wire 
3 Line Display
2 Selectable Outputs
RS485 Communication 0.02% Acc.
Front panel Program, RS485
Theta 30P  Watt Transducer
Theta 30 Reactive Power Transducer Theta 30Q Reactive Power Transducer.
Field Configurable. RS485 Communication

Measures and converts Reactive power signals into Accurate 0.2% Proportional DC signals. Site selectable.
Choose 1 or 2 outputs from a list of 5
Theta 30Q Reactive Transducer
Theta 30 Apparent Power Theta 30S Apparent Power Transducer.
Calculates and converts Apparent Power values into
2 proportional DC signals, amps and volts.
RS485 Modbus Communication
Theta 30S  Apparent Power Transducer
Theta HZ. Frequency Transducer   Frequency Transducer
Frequency Transducer with Display, 
RS 485 Port.  On site configurable Dual outputs.  Acc. 0.2%
Theta HZ Data
Theta 40 Transducer Theta 40 Simultaneous measurement of several
parameters and process them to produce 2 or 3 or 4 Analog
output signals. Digital outputs also available.
Total 6 voltage and current outputs.
Theta 40  Transducer.
Current Transformers    
Split Core Current Transformers Current Transformers-  Split Core.
Current Transformers-  Solid Core  
Range in size from 2RL-8ARL
Window size 1.05-3.25"
Ratios 50:5 to 4000:5

Analog Panel Meters AC / DC
Smart Look Analog Meters Smart Look AC Meters
Measure Volts, Amps Frequency
Smart Look DC Meters
Measure  Volts, Amps, Millivolts, Milliamps

AC Meters DIN Style     Analog DIN  
      AC Meters
DC Meters DIN Style     Analog DIN
     DC Meters.