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Integra 244 Alternate Meter -Alpha 50 from Sifam.
Touch Screen Display. 1 Day shipping.

Alpha50 Touch Screen Display Alpha 50 Features
Measurement, display and communication up to 100 electrical and power parameters.

High contrast touch screen. True RMS measurement. Communications via Modbus, Analog, Digital and Pulse Outputs.

Fully programmable primary and secondary PT and CT ratios from the front screen or RS485 communications. Accurate 4 quadrant power input and output monitoring. 

Alpha 50 Data Sheet

1. exception: INT-2000. Alpha 50 supports maximum two analog ouputs.
Alpha 50 Provides:
and quick access to the measured electrical data, with active reading screens typically presenting in a 4-line 4-digit format. The default screen is factory set to display volts, amps, frequency and watts, but can be customised to display any four measured parameters. User-friendly soft prompts are assigned to each of the four main parameter buttons, guiding the user easily through the touch screen menu to configure and monitor chosen parameters minimum screen touches.

System Input

Designed for all low, medium and high-voltage switchgear and distribution systems, the
Alpha 50 offers programmable VT and CT ratio capability. The unit is suitable for
direct connection to many common voltages with a selectable 1 or 5A CT inputs.

System Outputs:

Pulsed Outputs.

Alpha 50 offers two pulsed outputs enabling the retransmission of time-based
parameters. Each relay can be assigned to kWh or kVArh (import or export) kVAh and
kAh, and will pulse at a rate proportional to the measured active energy, with both
pulse width and rate easily programmable. The output relays have fully isolated volt free
contacts, with connection via screw-clamp terminals.

Analogue Outputs.

Four analogue outputs may also be included, enabling onward transmission of linear
parameters using industry standard analogue signalling. Each 4/20mA analogue channel
can be assigned to one of 44 measured parameters.

Digital Communications.

RS485 Modbus RTU
Alpha 50 digital metering systems offer an RS485 communication port for direct
connection to SCADA systems using either the Modbus RTU.
Remote monitoring enables the user to record system parameters in real time, using high resolution numbers. Modbus establishes the format for the masterís query by placing it into the device address. Slaveís response is also constructed using the Modbus protocol; it contains the fields
confirming the action taken, the data to be returned, and an error-checking field.

Ordering Information:

Circuit Input Aux. Power Outputs Model No.  Price
3 Phase 480VL-L 1/5A 100-250V AC/DC 2 Pulse AP 50-3F-URDZ  $ 549.00
3 Phase 480VL-L 1/5A 2-48V AC/DC 2 Pulse AP 50-3F-DRDZ  $ 549.00
3 Phase 480VL-L 1/5A 100-250V AC/DC 2 Analog AP 50-3F-UR1-(0-1mA)  $ 549.00
3 Phase 480VL-L 1/5A 2-48V AC/DC 2 Analog AP 50-3F-DR1-(0-1mA)  $ 549.00
3 Phase 480VL-L 1/5A 100-250V AC/DC 2 Analog AP 50-3F-UR2-(4-20mA)  $ 549.00
3 Phase 480VL-L 1/5A 2-48V AC/DC 2 Analog AP 50-3F-DR1-(4-20mA)  $ 549.00
3 Phase 480VL-L 1/5A 100-250V AC/DC 1 Pulse+2 Analog AP 50-3F-URS2  $ 569.00
3 Phase 480VL-L 1/5A 2-48V AC/DC 1 Pulse+2 Analog AP 50-3F-URS2  $ 569.00