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007 and 077 Analog Switchboard Meters.
Crompton 007, 077  Switchboard Meters have been the industry
standard for years. All single parameters are listed below. 
077 Switchboard Meter Data.         007 Switchboard Meter Data
007-05A Analog Switchboard AC Amp Meters,
RMS compensated and calibrated or use in the frequency range
40/70Hz.Self contained and transformer
Direct Connected and Transformer Connected, 5 amp CT 
Complete Price Sheet
Ammeter Part Number Configurator.


007-05A Analog Switchboard  AC Overload Amp Meters
Specifically designed for use in motor circuits.
End scale value is six times the rating of the amp meter CT.
Up to 30 Amp.  No accuracy statement in overload condition.
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007-05GA Analog Switchboard AC Voltmeters,
RMS compensated.
Self contained and transformer rated 40/70Hz.
Direct Connected and Transformer Rated  
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Volt Meter Part Number Configurator.


007-41LA Analog Switchboard Frequency Meter
110/130V combine a DC moving coil and a self contained transducer.
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 Frequency Meter Part Number Configurator.


007-42 Analog Switchboard AC Power Factor Meter.
Transducer operated. Single, three phase, balanced/unbalanced
loads. 360* rotation.  Meters use 5 amp input 60Hz,
Specify number of phases, system voltage.
Power Factor Meter Prices  077-425
Power Factor Meter Prices  077-427         Complete Price Sheet
077 AC Synchroscope Meter-
 Synchroscope LED Prices
Analog Switchboard LED-360 Degree Synchroscope.
360 Degree Rotation with LED Indication
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Analog Switchboard AC Phase Sequence Phase Failure Indicator
Ensures correct phase rotation and presence of all three phase. 
5 Neon Bulbs.
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Analog Switchboard Watt Meters.
Phases and wire number system voltage must be supplied.
Standard frequency is 60Hz specified as C6 at the end of the part number.
C5 is used for a 50Hz system.
Watt Meter Prices 077-215
Watt Meter Prices 077-218
Watt Meter Prices 077-219                    Complete Price Sheet
077-31 Analog Switchboard VAR Meters CT and PT ratios,
Phases and wire number system voltage must be supplied.
Standard frequency is 60Hz specified as C6, C5 is used for a 50Hz system.
VAR Meter Prices.                         Complete Price Sheet
Analog Switchboard Watt/Watthour Meters
Watthour meter prices 077-KHB  Discontinued                 
Watthour meter prices 077-KHE- Discontinued.
See Integra choices.  
077-16 Analog Switchboard Max Demand Ammeters.
All Max Demand Meters Discontinued.
See:  Demand Meters

ANSI style  077 Switchboard meter relay
All Switchboard Meter Relays Discontinued.
Relaced By 239 Series Meter Relays

DC Switchboard Meters
Measuring Amps Volts Watts, Vars, Frequency, VA,  Temperature
ransducer Indicators   Complete Price List