Integra Ci3 Multi-Function 3 Phase Meter.       
17 Measurements including harmonics, current, frequency and KWh. 
Snap in Modules for Pulse output, Modbus communications.
Integra Ci3
Integra Ci3
Integra Ci3 Digital Metering System.
The Integra Ci3 digital Metering system represents the first model of a new generation of digital metering systems designed to complement the current Crompton Integra series.
* Din 96mm enclosure
*Backlit LCD screen
*Plug-in output modules
*Programmable CT and PT ratios

Click here to download  Integra Ci3 datasheet


                                               One base part number does it all. Now You
choose the configuration, using simple plug
and play output modules. Configuration is
complete with push button setup of password,
system information, CT and PT ratio.

DIN Integra Ci3 Series
Ci3 -01 3P-3W, 3P-4W, Single Phase Multi Meter  $229.00

Output Modules Two Modules Max
CiPUL -01 Pulse Output $60.00
CiMod-01 Modbus Module RS485 $50.00