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Display Transducers - Sifam.
Current, Volt, Frequency, Watt, Reactive, Apparent.
Dual Analog Outs. Visual Display. RS485 Communication
Accuracy is 0.2%. Ships in 1 Day.

Current Transducers Single Phase
2 Line Display,
2 Field Selectable Outputs.
RS485 Communication Port.
Theta 20A Current Transducer

Voltage Transducer Single Phase
2 Line Display.
2 Field Selectable Outputs
RS485 Port Communication Port.
Theta 20V Voltage Transducer

Power Transducer Single, 3 Phase, 3 and 4W.
Site Configurable.

Active Power-Watts. Balanced Unbalanced Syst.
3 Line Display
2 Selectable Outputs
RS485 Communication 0.02% Acc.
Program through front panel or RS485 cable.
Theta 30P   Watt Transducer
Reactive Power (Q)Transducer. 3Phase, 3 and 4W
Field Configurable. RS485 Communication

Measures and converts Reactive power signals into Accurate 0.2% Proportional DC signals. Site selectable.
Choose 1 or 2 outputs from a list of 5
Theta 30P-Q Reactive Transducer
Apparent Power Transducer.3 Phase 3 and 4W.
Remote Setup I/O.  7 segment Backlit LCD Display.

Calculates and converts Apparent Power values into
2 proportional DC signals, amps and volts.
RS485 Modbus Communication
Theta 30P-S  Apparent Power Tranducer

Frequency Transducer with Display, 
RS 485 Port.  On site configurable Dual outputs.
Acc. 0.2%
Theta HZ