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Acuvim Communications Hookup Drawings.
The following depicts the ease of hooking up a communication system
for the Acuvim meters for wired and wireless networks.
Use Acuview FREE Software for data poling and Acuvim meter interrogation.
A serial communication option board allows a Acuvim-II  digital panel meter to be interfaced to a PC for programming via Acuview Windows-based Instrument Setup Software, or to output readings to a remote device with a USB communication port. The transmitted data may include the latest reading, peak value, valley value, alarm status, and setup information. The data can then be displayed, processed and data logged. which will display the serial data and also process the serial data to control relay outputs and generate a scaled, isolated 4-20 mA, 0-10V or -10V to +10V analog output, with optional modules
If the primary objective is to program a meter directly from a PC using Instrument Setup Software, USB interface port is recommended, depending on the available PC port. Once the meter has been programmed, the data is in the meter memory.
If the objective is to connect a network of meters to a PC, our USB 2.0 to RS485 converter can be used. This network can be connected to a PC via a USB port, and also act as the server for up to 31 meters on an RS485 bus via a connector. The remote meters must be equipped with an RS485 interface terminal. The terminal features dual connectors for RS485 daisy-chaining with no need for a hub.
If the objective is to connect meters to an existing Modbus RS485 bus, RS485 Modbus interface terminals uses connectors as recommended by the Modbus standard, while our RS485 interface board used for Modbus. All Acuvim-II meters are fully compatible with the Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII protocols, Daisy-chaining is easy using commercial 6-wire data cables with no need for a hub.
If the objective is to connect a meter to an Ethernet LAN, our Ethernet interface board allows a meter to be connected to an available router port using a standard Ethernet cable. Our Node Manager software makes node discovery and setup exceptionally simple.
For more information on Modbus protocol, please see our Acuview Modbus Protocol Serial Communications Manual.
The Modbus protocol is an international standard and allows Acuvim-II to share the same RS485 data lines with non-Accuenergy devices. It supports up to 247 digital addresses. Use of more than 31 RS485 Modbus devices per line would require a repeater for impedance reasons.
If The objective is to connect and construct a wireless network, Connect the meters RS485 ports in a daisy chain fashion. Terminate the last meter wit 120 Ohm resistor between pins A&B Attach the RS485 port wires from the 1st meter to a RS485/RS232 or RS485/USB converter and plug into a wireless modem.