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Acuvim Revenue Grade 3 Phase Panel Meter.
Data Logging, Web accessible, 4MB Onboard meter memory,
Waveform Capture, Demand measurements. Ships 1 Day.

Acuvim II-R fits in ANSI or 96MM DIN Cutout

Multifuntion Power Meter()
Acuvim-IIR Revenue grade multifunction power meter with multiple communication schemes. Ports includes RS485 Modbus-standard. Collects and stores system data in 3 logs.
Data logging, keeping of Min-Max records and real time metering. 4 MB of onboard data logging memory used for historical trending.
3 assignable logs, real time clock, time stamping Stores and keeps alarms, Energy and Harmonics record.All available for down loading to a computer when convenient.
Optional modules for: I/O, digital and analog,
Optional Communication modules for Profibus-DP and Ethernet.
Software included. Fits both ANSI and 96mm DIN cutouts.
3 Phase Revenue Grade meters with Display.
AcuvimIIR-D-60-5A-P1 Standard 5 Amp AC/DC Supply  $695.00
AcuvimIIR-D-60-1A-P1 Standard 1 Amp AC/DC Supply  $695.00
AcuvimIIR-D-60-5A-P2 Low voltage DC supply             $745.00
AcuvimIIR-D-60-1A-P2 Low voltage DC supply             $745.00
3 Phase Revenue Grade meters with optional Remote Display.
AcuvimIIR-M-60-5A-P1 DIN 5Amp AC/DC Supply           $595.00
AcuvimIIR-M-60-1A-P1 DIN 1Amp AC/DC Supply           $595.00
AcuvimIIR-M-60-5A-P2 DIN 5A Low Voltage DC Supply $645.00
AcuvimIIR-M-60-1A-P2 DIN 1A Low Voltage DC Supply $645.00
Detachable Display-DIN mount Meters          REM-DS2  $155.00
Optional Modules for Analog and Digital I/O, PROFIBUS-DP, Ethernet, Web based Email.  Digital Switchboard Meter connects to the internet in a heartbeat. No software required, just an IP address and you are talking to your meter from any lap or desk top for $675.00.
It is the ideal choice for panel monitoring and controlling of power distribution systems. Some of the features and electric power parameters available on the ultra-compact Acuvim II are:
UL Certified,
 True-RMS Measuring Parameter
 4-Quadrant Energy
 Power Quality Analysis
 Over Limit Alarm
 Multi Comm. Ports (Ethernet, Modbus)
 Web Server and Email Sending
 Switch Status Monitoring
 Remote Switch Controlling
Acuvim-IIR Installation Manual
Acuvim-IIR Revenue Brochure
Modbus Map.


I/O MODULE OPTION                                I/O Outputs Details

Module Name Price Digital  Input
Relay Output Analog Input Analog Output
AXM101 $75.00 6 1   2    
AXM102 $80.00 4   2     2
AXM103 $90.00 4     2 2  

COMMUNICATION MODULE OPTIONS         Ethernet Module  Data

ETHERNET 10M/ 100M Self Adaptable RJ45 jack    
 AXM-NET Modbus TCP/IP Protocol      
 $135.00 HTTP Web page Browse      
Email sending on time internal or event    
 PROFIBUS Profibus-DP/VO  Input Byte typical 32byte    
  $145.00 Output Byte typical 32 byte  ENS0170 vol 2 compliance
  Profibus slave mode baud rate self- adaptable up to 12 Meg.














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