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Acuvim Power Meter, 3-Phase Switchboard.
Measures Power and Demand. Fits standard ANSI
switchboard 4" round or square DIN cutout

A Smart three phase Switchboard power meter features ease of installation, multiple phase display. Plus the economy of replacing single function analog meters with multifunction digital.

Acuvim DIN meter fitiing into ANSI cutout
Acuvim L Series meter
Acuvim L Series.                                   
Three Phase Economical meters with optional Alarm Relay and single Communication port. All L series meters measure harmonic distortion to the 31st.     
The Acuvim L Series Meter Details 
Acuvim II Meter
Acuvim II 
Optional Web Access communication. Emails alerts. Hi end three phase meter with multiple communication ports and Analog and digital outputs.
Acuvim II Series Meter Details
Acuvim IIR Revenue Grade Meter Details
Acuvim II in an AcuPanel Industrial enclosure AcuPanel
The ultimate in convenience for Indoor and outdoor meter
enclosure mounting. Choose from  NEMA 4 and NEMA4X.
enclosure. The ultimate inweather and environmental safety.
AcuPanel comes completely wired and ready to mount.
Includes calibrated meter, CT shorting block, fusing  of
voltage lines.

AcuPanel Meter Details

Acuvim AcuDC Power Meter 96x48mm

DC Power Meter.
AcuDC 210/220 Series.
DC power meters can be used for monitoring and controlling DC
systems. Measuring parameters of voltage, current, power and
energy.  Optional Digital inputs, Analog outputs, Relay outputs 
All data is accessible via an RS485 serial port.
Data Sheet.
Acuvim Split core Current Transformers, assorted sizes

Acuvim Solid core Current Transformers

Poly meter enclosure
AcuSplitCT Series 1A and 5A Output Split Core Current Transformer.
The Accuenergy split core 5A CTs are compact and low-cost
current transformers with high accuracy. The CTs are ideal for quick
 and easy installation without disconnecting cables during installation.
Multiple installation mechanisms provide stable and durable
current measurement.
AcuCT R Series Split Core Current Transformers.
High Specification, Press Open Split core CT.
  • 5A - 5000A AC current input range
  • Revenue grade accuracy meets IEC61000-1 class 0.5
  • UL listed for XOBA UL2808 standard, CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1
  • Push-open mechanism makes the installation quick and simple
  • Multiple voltage or current secondary output options including 5A and 333mV
  • Multiple mounting options with included accessories
  • Multiple window shapes and sizes for multiple applications

Poly Enclosure NEMA rated.
Pre Cut 93x93mm  front door for all Acuvim meters.
Gasketed  front door.1ea. ENCL-96  $60.00 each